Open data in practice

In its 2014 study Digitales Gold (in German only), Technologiestiftung Berlin emphasised the great potential inherent in open data. According to its forecast, open data could be worth more than €30 million annually to the capital city. However, anyone can download these data without registration, so it can be difficult to maintain an overview of its users and applications. For this reason, we are providing insight into the open data scene in Berlin and introducing the relevant players by means of this project. 

We initiated a search for the companies, authorities and institutions in Berlin that use or provide open data. We learned more about their motivation and tracked down the creative minds involved with the theme in Berlin, encountering an extraordinary mosaic of players in the process. The theme of open data is typically debated within the context of its role in the modernising of public administration, but ultimately a diverse group is driving it forward.

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