Berlin in Minecraft

Minecraft  is a popular computer game also used by schools and independent educational institutions. The principle of the game is simple but extremely clever. Groups of players can build buildings or entire cities by combining single blocks. 

In partnership with con terra GmbH, we have realised a Minecraft map of the Berlin-Mitte district encompassing the area from Potsdamer Platz to Rosa Luxemburg Platz. Of course all the buildings can be changed as the players like. Berlin can be reinvented block by block!

More information

The projekt in the blog (in German only)


The map is based on open geodata from the Berlin open data portal and OpenStreetMap. It was developed by con terra with FME™ technology.


Map of Minecraft "Berlin Mitte"

"Alexcraft" - Urabn Design with young people in cooperation with JOBLINGE (in German only)

Santa Claus for Minecraft