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We support the digital transformation in Berlin’s culture scene

An eye on the needs of culture professionals

The digital transformation is arriving in Berlin’s diverse cultural landscape at varying speeds. In order to do justice to the scene’s multitude of needs, the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe initiated a dialogue process with the city’s culture professionals in 2018. Their input helped shape funding measures for the digital development of the culture scene. Funded by the Senate Administration, Technologiestiftung Berlin designed the process from the very beginning and contributed to its development with activities ranging from a carrying out a needs analysis on the use of digital tools and capturing the digital infrastructure in Berlin’s culture sector to organising events, publishing information, and writing up guidelines. 

Public digital infrastructure lays the groundwork for innovation

Berlin has a diverse cultural landscape and its online presence is highly fragmented. To make cultural institutions more accessible, searchable and reachable, culture-related data needs to be pooled into a common digital infrastructure across disciplines and made accessible. We are developing a culture data platform to serve as open digital infrastructure for Berlin’s culture scene. 

Learning from others: Practical knowledge and good practice

From searchability to target-group orientation, many culture professionals have expressed the need for more discussion around the digital transformation of the sector. The kulturBdigital Lab is our response to this need. We also offer regular events on digital methods, formats and technologies; support interdisciplinary networking; and help culture professionals develop digital expertise in their own practical projects.