Eine junge Frau filmt mit ihrem Smartphone in einer Ausstellung
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In the kulturBdigital project, which is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, we impart practical knowledge on the use of digital technologies, show examples of good practice and network Berlin's cultural workers across all disciplines. Our target group now includes around 1,000 addressees: from state, district and district institutions and the independent scene. These include theaters, museums, memorials, music schools, libraries, project rooms, galleries, literature houses, archives, performing artists and many more.

Target group
Culture professionals in Berlin
Running time
Since 2018

On www.kultur-b-digital.de you can find information, guidelines, dates, reports and project examples on topics such as findability, SEO, monetization of online offers, creation and streaming of moving images, licenses and copyright or VR.

To increase participation in cultural offerings, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe is providing the fund for digital development in the cultural sector. The focus is on the self-empowerment of the funding recipients concerning the handling of digital technologies and methods, the practical gain of knowledge as well as its public communication. Information on the funding conditions and previously funded projects can be found here.

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