A woman wears VR glasses and stands in front of several screens. Map applications can be seen on them.
  • Theme Topics: New Technologies

We identify innovation drivers and develop innovation strategies

With four universities, Charité Universitätsmedizin, seven universities of applied sciences, four art universities and more than 30 private universities of applied sciences, Berlin is one of the world’s major locations of science and academia. Important research that advances new technological developments and innovations is being conducted here. Accordingly, it is important to inform the city’s residents about these developments. We communicate about science and research and collaborate with rbb Inforadio, a local news station, to offer the Treffpunkt WissensWerte (“Meeting Point: What’s worth knowing”) and Soup & Science event series on current topics. 

Alongside information, knowledge must be successfully transferred to the city’s private sector to ensure that new findings are actually put into practice. 

The amount that this city's small and medium-sized enterprises are investing in the development of new products and processes, especially in the high-tech sector and some service branches, is already above average. But the physical proximity between Berlin’s excellent research institutions and its numerous small and medium-sized enterprises does not automatically result in successful collaboration. 

Factors for successful knowledge transfer:

Technology scouting early on

to ensure that relevant trends are detected in time and can be used in Berlin

Political guidance

so that policymakers can create conditions favorable for knowledge transfer and and develop fitting innovation strategies 

Networks between science/academia and the private sector

to encourage mutual familiarity and appreciation

Networking Berlin’s SME’s with the city’s start-up scene

to introduce a digital mindset to traditional sectors

Our portfolio has a specific focus on technology scouting and political guidance. We regularly publish studies and reports that examine new technological trends with regard to their potential for Berlin and formulate innovation strategies for the evaluated fields. In recent years, we have published studies on artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalised electric cars. Our experts also regularly participate in trade events, write technical articles, and are members of relevant decision-making bodies.