Nächtliche Großstadtatmosphäre mit befahrenen Straßen, die unter einer Brücke durchführt und beleuchteten Hochhäusern im Hintergrund.
© Clemens Kreuer, unsplash
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Innovation in Berlin

The Technologiestiftung provides politics, administration, journalists and interested citizens with figures, data and facts on innovation in Berlin.

Innovation policy makers need an overview about what is happening with regard to innovation in the entire region: information as to where entrepreneurs can analyse the competition for their own innovations, scout new technology, create technology roadmaps for their own development and analyse market and customer needs in order to create a business plan that states what they want to invest in and why. 

Innovation policy does not have much effect on either the markets or luck. But it can support investment in the proper public research projects, initiate beacon projects at the right time, improve the general conditions for industrial research and help maintain the pace of implementation. If policy makers know which new themes have good chances of success …

Technologiestiftung Berlin provides facts, figures & dates around innovation in Berlin to policy makers, administrators, journalists and interested citizens. And it publishes studies that analyse the areas of expertise and regional opportunities in individual fields of technology in detail. 

Technologiestiftung Berlin has a track record that goes back to the 1990s, when it made the first recommendations to concentrate on a few selected fields of technology based on a competency analysis involving all the sectors in the city.

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