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We support the education sector with tools, methods and knowledge formats

As a non-profit foundation, we have been in close contact with the Berlin educational landscape for many years. We respond to the needs, ideas and latest research results that reach us from there by providing educational programs for students around tech and coding, making the latest technologies tangible for everyone and teaching basic technological skills. We focus on a variety of educational formats and pass on our data and methodological expertise to administrations and educational stakeholders. In this way, we want to create competence, openness and transparency - and broaden the horizon for new working methods.

Science education on site and on the radio: series of events with rbb24 Inforadio

From sustainable digitalization and ticklish rats to life on exoplanets - current scientific topics and applied research in Berlin are the focus of our monthly series of events with rbb24 Inforadio. Since 2001, Forum Wissenswerte has featured three experts with their specialist knowledge answering questions from the presenter and audience, while Soup & Science has focused on one scientist and their research in conversation with the rbb24 Inforadio presenter since 2018.

Both formats are available on site and to listen to - making innovative science accessible to the wider urban community.

Girls'Day gives an insight into the tech world of work: a day full of technology and inspiration

Working in the IT sector is diverse - and is more than just "doing something with computers". On Girls'Day, we invite girls and young women to gain an insight into the world of tech work. Workshops and keynote speeches will focus on our core topics and areas of work such as prototyping and app development, data visualization and open data, hardware construction and coding. Our team looks forward to telling young people about their day-to-day work and their career paths. It often turns out that career paths don't have to be straightforward. Through lifelong learning, there are many opportunities to gain a foothold in the tech world.

Schülerinnen vor einem Laptop beim Girls'Day in der Technologiestiftung
Schülerinnen vor einem Laptop beim Girls'Day in der Technologiestiftung

Learning together and creative experiments: open workshop makes coding and hardware accessible to everyone

The open workshop creates a space for creative experiments with coding and hardware. Recently, the workshop has not only taken place in the CityLAB, but also in the mobile neighborhood lab and at the CityLAB summer conference. With everyday practical applications from the world of sensors, controllers or mini-computers and in the fresh air, our basic principles of participation and inclusion can breathe all the better.

Almost incidentally, applications for the urban space are created in the open workshop, where everyone can participate and learn from each other.

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  • Drei Menschen sitzen an einem Tisch und arbeiten mit elektronsichen Bausätzen
    © Virna Setta

Coding on your own with the hacking box

Blick in die Hacking Box mit verschiedenen technischen Geräten

Everyone starts somewhere - and the self-determined use of technology does not come naturally. We want to help by lending out hardware boxes free of charge for lessons, workshops or hackathons. Practical application examples complement the individually compiled hacking box with Calliope, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors & Co. Whether in a coding club for children or during experiments in the lecture hall: the Hacking Box provides hands-on digital education.