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Gieß den Kiez

Gieß den Kiez is a platform to coordinate the irrigation of Berlin trees. The map shows almost all trees in Berlin with individual information such as water demand, age and species. We invite all citizens to take part in the irrigation of our endangered tree population.

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Since Spring 2020

Berlin's city trees are suffering from drought, we can help!

The consequences of climate change, especially the dry and hot summers, are putting a strain on Berlin's ecosystem. Our city trees are drying up and suffering long-term damage: in recent years, more and more trees have had to be felled and their lifespan is decreasing. Meanwhile, the population is regularly called for support, but largely uncoordinated. We would like to change this!

Citizens can use our app to learn more about the water requirements of the trees in their neighborhood, mark when and how much they watered "their" trees and subscribe them.

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