Gut gelaunte Menschen stehen vor dem Eingang des CityLABs
© Florian Reimann
  • Theme Smart City

CityLAB Berlin

In CityLAB, innovation and participation are brought together: Administration and urban society work together on solutions for the digital Berlin of tomorrow.

Target group
Urban society and administration
Smart City
Running time
Since June 2019

Shaping the future of Berlin – together!

More participation and agility in the development of the digital city: In the CityLab Berlin, urban society, administration and research come together to design and implement projects for the digitization of Berlin. The aim is to test agile methods for public administration and to develop needs-based smart city solutions for and with the citizens of Berlin. We received a grant from the Berlin Senate Chancellery for the construction and expansion.

The CityLAB is not a finished concept, but an experiment in itself that is continuously being developed.


Berlin named a smart city model project!

As part of the “Smart Cities Model Projects” programme, Berlin is developing a new, ambitious smart city strategy with a focus on participation, people and social good. The strategy intentionally takes a step away from a purely technological focus and moves instead toward a focus on co-design and inclusion; as part of this approach, the strategy includes active dialogue with Berlin’s diverse urban society.

The video gives an overview of the Berlin approach and the three-stage strategy process in which CityLAB is involved.

Please set the English subtitles in the video settings.


Experience the city of the future in interactive exhibits. Due to current Corona regulations, the exhibition will remain closed until further notice.

  • Zwei junge Frauen schauen in einen Monitor in der Ausstellung des CityLAB.
    © Florian Reimann
  • Eine junge Frau probiert eine VR-Brille aus
    © Florian Reimann
  • Menschen in der Ausstellung des CityLAB
    © Florian Reimann