Hacking Box

Internet of Things? It's only for nerds nobody wants to play with! Such prejudices prevent people from dealing with important IT technologies that influence our environment more and more. To counteract this, we started the Hacking Box project at the Technologiestiftung Berlin in 2013. We want to bring interested parties aged 6 to 66 closer to hacking and coding. We open the black boxes of smart everyday devices and show that you can use digital hardware creatively and independently!

The hacking box can be put together individually and we lend it out in Berlin and the surrounding area for school projects, workshops, hackathons & Co. We also advise on the planning of coding and hardware projects and how extracurricular actors can contribute to the projects. As part of our own activities, we develop application examples on exciting future topics, which we make available as freely licensed educational materials on our website.

We are currently moving the Hacking Box to the former Tempelhof Airport as part of our CityLAB and have started the Workshop in the CityLAB there. At this wonderful and special place, we would like to link the Hacking Box project even more closely to the city and community. What is important to us is a process that is as open as possible and the joint development of applications for the city of today and tomorrow.


Carolin Clausnitzer
Carolin Clausnitzer
Empowerment & Capacity BuildingProject Manager Digital Education
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