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With the report "Smart City Berlin - urbane Technologien für Metropolen" (in German only), Technologiestiftung Berlin showcases the themes that are particularly relevant within the context of the smart city activities that are taking place around the globe. With an overview of the key research activity on the theme taking place in Berlin, a directory of the focal areas of Berlin technology providers’ smart city activities and a composite of the most important reference projects in Berlin, Technologiestiftung Berlin shows what ‘smart city’ means for Berlin in detail. 

The study on urban technologies for major cities presents key recommendations for action, including the visualisation and initiation of momentum for smart city Berlin by means of pilot and beacon projects in public buildings and at least one entire city block or square; ‘living labs’ – places at which new, smart technologies can be tested in the ‘real’ infrastructure; open labs – in which the usability of new apps can be improved – and test areas for mobility concepts. 

Action is also required with regard to norms and standards for gateways to be used for interconnecting infrastructures and establishing new financing and incentive models. Last but not least, the study calls for a strategy from the Senate of Berlin. 

Technologiestiftung Berlin organised a workshop for decision makers from science and academia, commerce and administration to take initial steps toward implementing the results. The workshop participants have now joined ranks under the name Netzwerk Smart City Berlin. And the Senate has begun to establish a Smart City Strategy Berlin (in German only).

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