Interconnected energy by district

Interconnected energy by district aims to introduces model projects that contribute to achieving Berlin’s self-imposed climate targets to the expert public.

Many individual projects have already developed innovative solutions for the city, but they have remained island solutions or have not been widely publicised. 

But the city can only benefit from the effects if individual solutions are implemented on a district-by-district basis and the citywide rollout receives support.

To facilitate the scaling up required, Technologiestiftung Berlin provides a platform for exchange and interconnection to selected experts in the fields of research and development, energy and environmental technology, public utility and supply companies – and last but not least, the players in Berlin affiliated with housing associations and urban development.

More information

 The project in the blog (in German only)

Contact persons

Anne-Caroline Erbstößer
Anne-Caroline Erbstößer
Innovation Policies & ResearchResearch Associate
Send an email+49 30 209 69 99 31
Dieter Müller
Dr. Dieter Müller
Empowerment & Capacity BuildingDepartment Head
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