How will the development process work?

After the kickoff event,we will host a weekly 3D-coding night at Roof Up in Schöneberg. Besides that, you can organize any way you want. If technical questions arise during the development process, our mentors will be there to assist you. 

What software can I use to work with the data?

Have a look at these tools: 

3D City Database - a free tool to import CityGML Date into a PostGIS database.

FZK Viewer - a desktop-based 3D-Viewer with some nice features

Toolkit from TU Delft that deals with CityGML natively

There are also software libraries like citygml4j for Java and libcitygml for C++

F: Should I bring anything to the kickoff event?

If possible, bring your own laptop. You should also download the data in advance, as it could take a while to do so. 

F: I never worked with 3D-Data and/or don't know how to code. Can I still participate?

A: Sure! You can join more experienced teams during the kickoff event.There are many ways for non-coders to participate creatively.