Challenges to society such as the energy transition and demographic change can be met more easily with the help of new, technology-based solutions. The smart grid, which taps renewable energy when it is available, plays a part in completing the energy transition and software that enables people to provide their doctors with vital information while staying at home, therefore reducing the need for care, are only two examples of these solutions.

The headline Life addresses challenges of urban life. Technologiestiftung Berlin supports Berlin on its way to become a prototype city for future technologies and their application.

Currently, the foundation is focussing on aspects of demography and technology and the theme Smart City Berlin.

Information on research in the life sciences in general and the life sciences sectors that are important to Berlin: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, can be found at Healthcare Industries Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg – HealthCapital.


Demography and Technology

What are the consequences of Life expectancy 100? Berlin must prepare itself for a growing share of older people living as singles.

Their requirements of the city are different from those of young people and families. The demographic change will extend to all areas of life. In 2014, Technologiestiftung Berlin is concerned with two particularly important facets of life that can easily be developed further with the help of technology: homes and mobility. The aim is to highlight the opportunities that technology opens up as part of the effort to manage demographic change.

Smart City Berlin

Smart City focusses on the technologies that can improve the quality of life by reducing air pollution and resource consumption. This includes IT-based control systems, apps that provide orientation, technologies from the areas of the supply and disposal of electricity, gas, water, data, etc., technologies for traffic management and modern methods of organising care and health-related services.

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