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Take a selfie with the Hacking Box or a photo of the Hacking Box in action and send it to us via email.

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Who can borrow the Hacking Box?

We lend our Hacking Box to organisations, institutions and persons in Berlin and the immediate surroundings that want to teach children and teens how to hack and write code. We also support hackathons and companies that want their employees to have some relevant experience using the Hacking Box too. Please note that the equivalent purpose has to be of ‘no commercial interests’.

To organisations, institutions and persons who want to teach how to hack and write code we lend the Hacking Box free of charge. Companies should ask for conditions.

It is possible to design the content of the boxes according to user-specific requirements. Click here to view the options.

Users are responsible for picking up the Boxes from us and returning them too.

Please note: Our Box is very popular and you should make a reservation well in advance.

What’s inside the Hacking Box?

  • more than 20 Arduinos, Makey Makeys, Raspberry Pi 2&3 and Calliope minis
  • over 200 sensors, modules, servos, LEDs, etc.
  • any combination of devices and components possible
  • suitable for children, teens and adults

Sensors and components:

  • ADXL330 3-axis accelerometer, DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensors, humidity sensors (e.g. YL-69), MQ-2/5/7 gas sensors, HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensors, sense Box Edu LAN
  • Grove LCD backlight displays, Loudness Sensors, Grove PIR Motion sensors
  • ESP8266 WiFi modules, solar modules, 4-channel relay cards with 10A switching capacity
  • Digital multimeters, precision mechanic tools, soldering station & accessories
  • Servos, breadboards, buttons & potentiometers, voltage regulators, various LEDs etc.

For detailed information please contact our contact persons.

Contact persons:

Dr. Dieter Müller
phone +49 030 - 209 69 99 60
Carolin Clausnitzer
phone +49 030 - 209 69 99 61

We would like to thank Förderverein Technologiestiftung e.V. for the valuable support in procuring hardware for the Hacking Box.

Nachdenkender Jugendlicher der Hackingbox
Experimente mit dem Arduino der Hackingbox
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Über dieses Formular könnt ihr eine Anfrage zum Ausleihen der Hacking Box stellen. Alternativ könnt Ihr uns die Anfrage mit den gewünschten Tagen und Inhalten der Box auch direkt per E-Mail an bildung(at)technologiestiftung-berlin.de senden ohne das Google Formular zu nutzen.

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[Translate to English:] Wir danken dem Förderverein der Technologiestiftung Berlin für die freundliche Unterstützung bei der Beschaffung von Hardware für die Hacking Box.

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